Due to the COVID-19 situation, some lessons might be taught online. Book an online lesson to decide whether this modality is good enough for you or not. 


About my teaching approach

You can start taking lessons at any point of the academic year. Lessons are taught one to one, on a beautiful baby grand Kawai acoustic piano. My advice for young beginners (5 to 8 years old) is to start with one or two lessons per week of half an hour each. For older students a one hour lesson per week is recommendable, but if you feel like you need to do more supervised work you can always arrange extra lessons.  

My approach is to first initiate students in music reading, which provides the best foundation for developing musical skills to the highest level, as well as building up the ability to explore a variety of repertoires and styles to inform how you would like to specialise in the future. When you learn how to play the instrument by reading the scores, you incorporate all the theory aspects in a practical way, which makes your musical growth much more complete.

The lessons are a combination of both technical exercises and repertoire, which is personalised depending on the student´s needs and taste, so the classes are tailored to suit students’ expectations and goals.  As I am a concert pianist, my teaching will always include classical music, choosing pieces which will fit the student according to their level, although I will always consider the music that students wish to learn.


In the UK, some students of varying ages and levels decide to take exams such as the ABRSM or Trinity examination boards in order to obtain certifications and qualifications. If that is something you would wish to work towards, I can coach you so that you are well prepared for the exam and  feel comfortable and confident. 



£20 half an hour

£35 per hour

Lessons are requested to be paid in advance on a monthly basis.